Welcome to the Lao Youth Leaders!


We develop programs to empower and develop the leadership of the Lao Youth.


We are proud to have awarded over 60 scholarships, assisting the Lao youth in their academic advancement.


Meet our youth leaders. Lao Professionals, Mentors and Volunteers.


We proudly serve with compassion, developing and supporting programs that advance the Lao community.

About Us

The Lao Youth Leaders is a direct service program of the Lao American Organization of Elgin.
Our Mission is to Empower the Lao Youth.

Lao Youth Leaders is a non-profit organization focused on developing leadership skills and providing academic resources for the youth of the Lao community. Education is the foundation of success. The major goal of Lao Youth Leaders is to increase the number of college graduates from the Lao community.

  • Education of Lao Community

    Percentage of Lao adults with college degree according to 2010 US Census.

  • High School Graduation Rate

    Percentage of Lao adults graduating High School.

  • English Proficiency

    Percentage of Lao population age 5 and older that have limited English proficiency.

  • Commitment

    Percentage of the commitment Lao Youth Leaders are on improving and advancing the Lao community.

Our Team

Meet the great people working hard every day to deliver success to our community.
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Alan Thavisouk

Founder & Director
Alan’s goal is to help as many students and families achieve their potential. Serving the community is his passion.
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Co-President 2015-2016
Veda is a colorful leader full of creativity and heart. She is determined to help others and be a strong leader.
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Chris Rattanasamay

Co-President, 2015-2016 Webmaster
Chris bring a fun energy and personality, combined with his hard work ethic, he is poised on leading the community.
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Thida Vongvilay

Director of Community Development
As a former President of Lao Youth Leaders, Thida continues to serve the Lao community while in college. She is currently developing the Lao Youth Leader’s Minnesota Chapter.


We are proud to be a part of these individuals lives. We are grateful for their endless support.

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