Effects of a Leadership Group

Youth leadership groups have very positive effects on a student. Being in a leadership group results in the youth developing leadership, communication, time management, and productivity skills that they can apply in their everyday lives. We asked two of our own, Preston Xayariboun, and Tiffany Keokanlaya on their experiences being a part of the Lao Youth Leaders.

“The years I have been involved with Lao Youth Leaders has made me into a brand new person. Before, I was a shy, close-minded girl who would keep all of her thoughts inside. I was unmotivated in my daily routine and was very depressed. Now, I improved my communication skills not only with my close friends, but with complete strangers. I really want to help others and make an impact in my small community. I am glad LYL has been there for me and developed my confidence.” – Tiffany Keokanlaya.

“Being in a youth leadership affects me by allowing me to learn how to be an excellent leader, how to take charge of time management, and keeping other people I’m working with on task.” – Preston Xayariboun

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