Successful Lao-Americans Pt. 3

Jujubee (or Airline Inthyrath)  is a professional drag performer, comedian, makeup artist, and singer born in Boston, MA. She is known for starring as a contestant on Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, also being the first Lao contestant. She was definitely a fan-favorite for her hilarious, bold, and sassy personality. Jujubee is, of course, of Lao and Thai descent and showed has showed her love and pride for her ethnicity throughout the show. She would even reference some words, as he is fluent in both Lao and Thai. Jujubee is absolutely stunning and dreamt of drag even as a child. She mentioned during the show, that his relatives would make fun of her and call her “kathoey” which meant “Lady Boy” in Thai. After RuPaul’s Drag Race, she became one of the most famous Drag Race alumni. He, or when under his drag alias, she,  definitely inspires Laotians, who may be afraid to be themselves. He/she shows strength, power, and courage in being an open activist for Gay, Human, and Animal Rights. His/her outgoing and fierce traits urges our Lao-Americans to be who they are and not care what the haters say!


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