Successful Lao Americans Pt. 4


Monica Phromsavanh was a refugee who was able to create her own business from nothing. Life was hard for her when she was young. She and her family had a difficult time living in a refugee camp in Argentina, struggling with communicating with the Spanish speaking natives and adapting to the culture of the  country. After her parents separated, she had to drop out of school and work in a Korean wholesale company getting underpaid to support her father. Even after moving to the states, she struggled to make a living with no formal education or knowledge of the English language. Later on, Phromsavanh got a job at a retail clothing store and that’s where everything started. She began gaining experience in the clothing industry and now owns and a ModaBox storefront in New York City. ModaBox is an e-commerce driven business that ships outfits styled to one’s liking straight to customers’ door-fronts. 

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