Good Leaders Vs. Bad Leaders

Being a leader is an amazing quality to have and everyone has the potential to obtain it! However, there is a difference between good leadership and bad leadership, sometimes it’s hard to set apart too. Though having bad motives makes one a bad person, someone with malicious intentions can still be a good leader, and someone with benevolent intentions can be a bad one. It’s only a matter of how much influence and approval you have on/from your followers/audience. Here is a list of the different qualities to determine the type of leader one is:


BAD Leaders

  • Run their followers
  • Are disliked by many
  • Focus on their own authority
  • Ignite fear
  • Blame others for a breakdown
  • Know how things are done and don’t share knowledge
  • Use people and leave them out
  • Take credit for successes
  • Command followers
  • Say, “Go!”


GOOD Leaders

  • Coach their followers
  • Have the support from many
  • Focus on their own goodwill and intentions
  • Ignite enthusiasm and motivate others
  • Fix the breakdown
  • Show how things are done, guide others, and help them learn
  • Develop individuals and involve them
  • Give or share credit for successes
  • Ask followers
  • Say, “Let’s go!”

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