January 30, 2017

The Lan Xang Troupe

The Lan Xang Troupe was established after the 2016 Lao Heritage Foundation (LHF) Summer Camp. The first LHF Midwest camp took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2015. It continued for a second year in 2016, hosted in Elgin, Illinois. The next camp will be in 2017, hosted in Minnesota. The LHF Summer Camp is a music and dance camp that lasts a week long with a magnificent performance at the end of the week where the students are able to showcase their newly learned skills. Kids are taught how to play traditional Lao instruments and how to fone, traditional Lao dance, all while learning about their native culture and language. The Illinois students from the LHF Summer Camp created a group to show their passion toward their culture and to show others what they experienced from camp. They now perform music and dance at many events held by other organizations and associations, or even at their own planned events. The Illinois group is now known as the Lan Xang Troupe.